SA Youth Character Development Shines in the US

2 November, 2019, Brussels, BELGIUM
Learning Academy Worldwide is proud to have been instrumental in enabling the young people within the Lifeskills Portfolio programme in South Africa, to travel to the US for 2 weeks to showcase their talent and advance knowledge of their unique youth character and competence development program.

Accountability for 2019 expected

Read more about Wisehub 2018 - CLICK HERE.

New Frontiers for Research in Deaf Education in South Africa

27 August 2018, Brussels, BELGIUM

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Come Find the Bridges, Value the Trenches

  • 3 Inspiring days.
  • Only inclusive summit of its kind
  • Students showcase project-based learning
  • All happening at Durban University of Technology, 19-21 October, 2018

A New Model for Youth Character Development Rises With One Voice

30 April, 2018

Determined around the conviction that the solutions needed for character and competence development amongst our young people in South Africa are closer than we think and the arts, music in particular, play a crucial and vital role, Learning Academy Worldwide committed resources and expertise to give a group of young singers a chance to become the catalyst for change in South Africa.

Serious questions like, What if the development of young people's talent could position us all to provide unique learning experiences and what if global and national networks could come alongside these young people in adding meaningfully to those learning experiences?

Action was taken and since its launch on 17 March 2018, the Kholwa Brothers have been in a structured and innovative learning experience that is bound to lead these young people in growing in their capacity to make sound choices based on a comprehensive core knowledge in relevant learning areas.

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A Wisehub Leap to Brussels and Stockholm

31 October, 2017

The Academy will host several sessions during week 13-18 November in Brussels and Stockholm as a continuation of the enormous impact of the Wisehub summit in South Africa in October.

Aimed at adding to the exchange of sound practices within Mathematics education, the formal and informal sessions will bring together practictioners, researchers and corporates in an effort to raise the quality of Mathematics education.

Mr Paul Roborg-Sondergaard, who presented his revolutionary and groundbreaking solution for the South African context, will present at the sessions.

Read more HEREand read more about Mr Sondergaard's project HERE.

Academy Project Types

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    Connecting schools for global collaboratives of learning.

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  • Teachers Connect

    Building bridges to inspire innovative Teachers.

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  • Innovation Hubs

    Creating space for innovative collaborative projects that solve real problems.

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  • Mobile Learning

    Customizing inexpensive technologies as tools to improve literacy and numeracy.

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  • Millennials Mobile Educators

    Mobilizing young people as critical connectors for innovation in learning.

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Our Mission

Give children and youth in Southern Africa a fair opportunity at participating in quality formal and informal learning experiences by:
  • providing quality teacher professional development support
  • leveraging inexpensive mobile-technologies for high-stakes Grade 12 examination preparation
  • developing and deploying young people as critical connectors to innovation in learning
  • design communications solutions for improved access to curriculum-related content for rural children and youth
  • mediating reciprocally beneficial exchange between schools and learning organizations