Principals, teachers, organizational leaders and goverment connected with national and international researchers around priorities to transform the learning environments for our schools in South Africa.

Support from local businesses and enterprises helped make the event possible. The South African national carrier, South African Airways and its sister airline, Mango Airlines, provided tangible assitance to relieve the costs to our schools for their travels to Durban. The Academy's longstanding partner, AVIS, provided critical ground transport for our international team of researchers within Deaf Education. The eThekwini

The three pulsating days in Durban from 19-21 October, 2018 were crowning moments of that journey and, like every Wisehub before, we vowed and strategized to make tangible plans to return with evidence that we take learning seriously, that our promises in the company of like-minded pioneers matter and that our children and young people deserve our best. Of all the questions asked over those three days, the single one that prompted thoughtful contemplation now determined our immediate future with serious commitment:

'What do you want me to be held accountable for by October 2019?'

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