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South Africa Project Launch in Belgium
Wisehub 2019

March 2020 Update - Project South Africa

23 March 2020, George, SOUTH AFRICA

AgrAcademy News Portal

January 2020 Newsletter Update

23 January 2020, George, SOUTH AFRICA

Vocational Training Agriculture - January Update

Of all the resources required to reach our goals in this initiative, human capacity stands as the most important. Abraham Martin is a gem of such a resource to us. He shares insights and experience with our young students without holding back or fearing that others may use those insights to make great strides in life for themselves.

Leading Young People to Ensure Food Security in South Africa

1 January, 2020 BRUSSELS, Belgium

Abraham Martin

The young people who experienced his enormous value and wealth of knowledge have spoken out over their views on what he has meant to them and how they have benefit from relating to him.

$30k Donation for South Africa Projects

30 November 2021 - Stockholm, SWEDEN

Learning Academy Worldwide (LAWW), Sweden, received its sought-after support from one of its most committed donors earlier in November.

"It is difficult to describe in words how much this means to our work in South Africa", explained LAWW Founder, Theophilus van Rensburg Lindzter.

The organizations school- and vocational training in agriculture projects in South Africa will receive substantial support over the next 3 years to realize the goals of the organization's ambitions in South Africa.

Vocational Training in Agriculture Goes Home

The Haarlem Home

The house where the students will meet for regular studies using web-based, off-the-grid communications solutions and in-person training is itself located on a fertile piece of land of around 1300 m². This will now be the community's first-of-a-kind laboratory to learn and teach more about conventional- and modern farming.